Saturday, 29 November 2014

Singapore Top BBQ Specialist BBQ Wholesale Centre Launches Upgraded Website System

Singapore's leading BBQ caterers and wholesale company has launch an upgraded website version to ensure all its customer enjoy seamless process when ordering online. To ensure returning customer do not feel alienated from existing website look and feel, BBQ Wholesale has decided to stick to its existing website layout and add in a few feature here and there. 

One feature includes "delivery calculator" to allow customer to check delivery price and timing base on their location. All they need to do is choose their BBQ Party date, location and preferred party time and they will be able to derive their delivery price. It has been feedback by customer this is a awesome "app", allowing customer to plan and estimate their BBQ budget before ordering. 

 BBQ Wholesale Centre Delivery Calculator

Secondly, BBQ improved website allow customer to choose BBQ package based on their head count! Customer most often have a hard time estimating food quantity, so with the creation of BBQ package they can now order package base on number of guests they have. Example if you are planning a small gathering for 20 guests, you may now order BBQ basic, meaty or seafood package based on your preference and budget. Food included in the package are one of the most popular bbq food selection preferred by the customer. 

Thirdly, BBQ also included wide range of accessories for BBQ lovers to choose from. Most often customer have little idea what kind of accessories is required for their barbecue event. Hence, we have created the cutlery pack, which includes basic cutlery and accessories required such as tongs and oil brush which customer most often missed out on. In addition, should customer under order on charcoal, BBQ Wholesale website has a smart mechanism to remind customer the right quantity of charcoal they require for their BBQ event

This upgraded website ensure everyone enjoy seamless and hassle-free process when planning their BBQ event be it for small gathering or big corporate event of more than 1000 guests, BBQ Wholesale Centre is the right caterer to approach. With our highly skilled in-house trained BBQ chef, will ensure your event be a huge success!

"Business has been extremely good here at BBQ Wholesale Centre, and we have put in huge effort and investment to improve our website to make enjoying Singapore’s best barbeque even easier and fun,” BBQ Wholesale Centre sales representative stated. Being one of the largest Halal barbecue food caterers in Singapore for more than 10 years, BBQ Wholesale Centre commits to provide 3-C for all our customers: Convenience, customers' Confidence and pricing Competitiveness. You can trust us in providing you quality and delicious marinated barbecue food to make your important barbecue party a successful and unforgettable one.

This high level of convenience, quality, and reliability is unmatched in Singapore and has made BBQ Wholesale Centre the main source of bbq supplies among Singapore residents. BBQ Wholesale Centre's upgraded website are products of the company’s commitment to improve its services even further as it moves into their second decade of operation in Singapore. 

Information on BBQ Wholesale Centre Pte Ltd:
One of Singapore’s one-stop Halal barbecue wholesaler specialist, BBQ Wholesale Centre was founded back in 2004, when a fellow BBQ friend was lamenting how troublesome is it to plan for a BBQ Party. Since then, the company has evolved and expanded to become one of the country’s most influential BBQ wholesalers of quality assured marinated barbecue food, cooked-chilled staple bbq food and BBQ accessories with Island-wide delivery readily available.

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Contact Information:
Company: BBQ Wholesale Centre Pte Ltd
Address: 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209
Phone: (65) 6848-6848

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